Six Months of Simple Content

Having received a number of requests recently for an overview of things like personal reading habits, teacher-improvement practices, networking tips, and other topics, I thought it might be useful–right around the six-month birthday of–to provide a one-stop overview of content dealing with each topic. The list below does not include all the articles and media that have been posted, but should offer useful starting points, especially for the many of you who have just recently subscribed to updates. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!

Practices for living in the language
Practices for becoming a better teacher
Lesson plans / classroom activities (many of which can also be used outside the classroom)
Latin Media
Latin Listening Project: videos here, project description here
Lina et Iason, sive Linaidis Capita Undecim, a modern mystery in classical Latin
Assorted Latin Audio
Driving With Dido: How I came to read Latin Extensively (Since the time periods referred to in this article, I’ve discovered many further enjoyable, less-well-known Latin texts that I hope to share soon!)
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