Why Indwelling Language?

Most attempts at language learning aren’t joyful.
Most attempts at language learning aren’t successful.

Indwelling Language exists to bring about joyful, successful language learning by helping learners and teachers live in the language and the language live in them.

At Indwelling Language, we use the power of the human brain and the power of human relationships to bring joy and success to language learning.  We do this by implementing low-prep, research-informed, classroom-tested, and community-tested practices customized for each learner's, teacher's, school's, organization's, or family's situation.

Find out more at "What Is Indwelling Language? or, A Rarish Word For a Rarish Thing," check out the blog, or explore our services!

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What’s with the name?

"Indwelling Language" combines two core concepts:

1. You living in the language: making a particular language part of your everyday life -- here "Indwelling Language" = "inhabiting a language"

2. The language living in you: a particular language becoming a new way for you to experience, interpret, and enjoy the world -- here "Indwelling Language" = "language that inhabits"

See the Indwelling Language Manifesto for more about what this all means and why anyone might care.

In the Indwelling Language logo, the outlined LING at the end of Indwelling evokes the ling of the Latin word lingua ("tongue"/"language"), from which we get the English words linguistics and bilingual, as well as the Romance terms for language.

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Who maintains Indwelling Language?

Anyone who helps people live in the language and the language live in them!  But the Indwelling Language website and services are operated by Justin Slocum Bailey.  See what he says about himself and what others say about him.