Lina et Iason

Lina et Iason, sive Linaidis Capita Undecim

Indwelling Language is proud to introduce Lina et Iason, a fast-paced mystery adventure in eleven chapters!  Each chapter consists of less than a page of Latin text.

Justin Slocum Bailey has authored multiple versions of this story. The one for download below is the official version; there are also several simplified versions of each chapter and alternate versions of some.  The simplified versions, which high school students in their second, third, and fourth years of learning Latin have enjoyed, can be provided on request.  The official version is suitable for more advanced readers.

wooden box 200x200Please be warned that the plot centers on a violent incident concocted by a group of high school students.  If you want to read the story with students, please consider carefully both whether to do so and how to introduce and discuss the content.  (All other plot elements as well as the actual composition of the story are by Justin Slocum Bailey.)

Feel free to share or alter the story in accordance with the Creative Commons license described on the title page. If you share the story, you might do so by distributing the link to this page, rather than the pdf itself, although the license allows you to do either.

Questions, comments, corrigenda, etc. can be submitted using the Contact Form.

Also in the works: a dramatized audio edition of Lina et Iason with parts voiced by different actors!


Download Lina et Iason as a pdf:  Lina et Iason, sive Linaidis Capita Undecim

Note: The current version, which corrects several typos, mostly in macron placement, was uploaded on February 3, 2015. If you downloaded the file before this date, we recommend that you download this revised version.