Best of Summer: Training Recommendations, Previews, & Codes

As soon as this school year is over, you will probably want simply to rest.

There may also be training opportunities that you have put off this year because you were trying just to stay afloat, or training you hope to get before taking on the next year. There are several impressive and worthwhile opportunities for such training this summer.

In this post, I want to recommend five specific online summer courses and conferences I’m involved with—and, where applicable, share discounts! All of these thoughtfully take into account the difficulties of trying to connect and learn in an online conference or course format.

Let’s dive right in, in chronological order:

1. Ace Your Conference Presentation

Self-paced online mini-course

Opens: 5 June

Cost: $20

JSB: Designer & Instructor

This one is actually for anyone planning to present at a conference or elsewhere. While presenter skills overlaps with teacher skills, a one-shot presentation for a group that doesn’t know you brings its own stressors and calls for its own stratregies. This self-paced course gives you all the tools you need to plan and execute a successful, memorable presentation with confidence and joy!

2. Sane, Slow Conference in 3 Parts

Online conference with optional language classes

Dates: 28 June – 2 July, 19-22 July, 27-29 July

Cost: $108+

Coupon code: VIPteachhuman at checkout for $10 off

JSB: Workshop Presenter & Spanish Teacher

Part 1: CI Reboot Mini-Conference (28 June – 2 July)

Going back to the basics of teaching Comprehensible Input—but with a focus on inclusive, culturally responsive application

Part 2: Summer Language Institute (19-22 July)

Multiple levels of Spanish, French, and ASL courses, including Self-defense in Spanish with JSB and Erica Peplinski!

Part 3: Teaching Reading, Creating Content: Preparing an Inclusive, Comprehension-Based Curriculum for 2021 (27-29 July)

3. Express Fluency Conference in the Cloud

Online conference with optional language classes

Dates: 5-9 July

Cost: $375

Coupon code: teachhuman at checkout for $20 off (TeachHuman members get $40 off)

JSB: Workshop Presenter & Latin Teacher

This is an impressive—streamlined and feature-rich—online conference where you can observe language classes for students ages 5-18, take a language yourself (Beginner Latin, Russian, Mandarin, or French, or Advanced Spanish), and participate in workshops on acquisition-driven teaching. All classes and sessions are recorded and are available for 6 months.

4. The Ever-Ready Educator

6-week online course with Ashley Davis

Starts: 7 July (evening section), 8 July (morning section)

Cost: $145 through 16 June, then $175

JSB: Co-facilitator

This is a full improv course designed specifically to grow your confidence and skill as a teacher by honing your ability to listen, adapt, collaborate, and create—and have a lot of fun in the process!

5. Fluency Matters International Forum on Language Teaching

Online conference

Dates: 12-16 July

Cost: $449 (language classes $25)

JSB: Workshop Presenter & Latin Teacher

Top-notch conference including language classes with summer school students that participants can observe. (In case you or someone you know is interested in taking a language class for just $25 for the whole week, here is that registration.)

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