Indwelling Language coaching/troubleshooting

Help with any aspect of the teaching or learning process: curriculum, approaches, materials, techniques, collaboration, habits, and more.

Indwelling Language conversation

Gentle conversation customized for your level, interests, and goals. Your session can involve as much or as little direct instruction as you wish, and can include tips for where to go from here.

Indwelling Language reading

Help reading one or more texts of your choice. I can also help you choose an interesting text you may not have heard of, based on your level, interests, and goals. Discussion can be in target language, English, or a mix.


How to Set up a Session:

Click on one of the services to schedule a session. You will have the chance to leave me a note with your goals, your preferred platform (Skype, Hangouts, FaceTime,...), or anything else you would like me to know. You can repeat the process to schedule additional sessions. I'm excited to meet with you!


"Justin Slocum Bailey is the ultimate educator.  He brings to every one of his pursuits extensive knowledge, curiosity about both language and people, a sense of humor, and an extraordinary ability to connect.  As I strive to improve my own teaching, I try to channel what I have seen in him.  He is thorough, clear, exciting, talented, interesting, and fun."

Jacqui Bloomberg, MA, Latin Teacher and World Language Department Head, Dana Hall School (MA)

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