Enjoy a conversational or reading session with Justin in your target language

or get help with any aspect of the teaching or learning process:

curriculum, approaches, materials, techniques, collaboration, habits, and more.



Alas, my schedule for 1-on-1 and small group sessions is currently full,

but please feel free to contact me at justin@indwellinglanguage.com

to describe your situation and see if I can be of help!


"Justin Slocum Bailey is the ultimate educator.  He brings to every one of his pursuits extensive knowledge, curiosity about both language and people, a sense of humor, and an extraordinary ability to connect.  As I strive to improve my own teaching, I try to channel what I have seen in him.  He is thorough, clear, exciting, talented, interesting, and fun."

Jacqui Bloomberg, Latin Teacher and World Language Department Head, Dana Hall School (MA)

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