Justin Slocum Bailey took a language most people consider long dead and brought it to life as if it were the lyrics to my son’s favorite song.  He not only taught Evan the joys of language—all language—but he also inspired him to approach life as a deep thinker, a global communicator, and a passionate advocate for the interconnectedness of all people.  And he ignited in him a passion for learning that has extended into every part of his life. I will be forever grateful.

Ed Solomon, Screenwriter (Men In Black, Charlie’s Angels, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Mosaic, Now You See Me)


Engaging in-person or online tutoring (may depend on your location or language)

Homeschool Support

In-person or remote support with activities and materials

Family Bilingualizing

Support for your family's bilingual living--whether one of you already speaks another language or not!

Indwelling Lifestyle

A customized plan to help your lifestyle and habits promote your living in the language you are trying to learn and that language's living in you


Workshops and conference presentations on techniques for learning and teaching


Helping you present and promote joyful, successful language learning and teaching


Find or even commission a text, audio recording, or video in your target language

Reading Lists

Reading lists in the target language customized for your level and interests and annotated with text-specific ideas


Adapting second language teaching methods to teaching and learning other subjects--an IL specialty!

On-Site Coaching

Observation of and constructive feedback on your class or program

Online consulting

Consulting/troubleshooting for any aspect of the teaching process

Guest Teaching

A visit to your classroom to model Indwelling Language's low-prep, joyful, community-and-proficiency-boosting practices

Curriculum Design

Helping you create courses, units, and lessons that achieve your goals

Program Development

Helping you build a new language program or department from scratch

If everyone taught language like Justin Slocum Bailey, we would have a world of self-directed polyglots.

~Evan Gardner, language revitalization innovator and activist; inventor of Where Are Your Keys

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