Selected May-August Events

For a full list of Justin's scheduled workshops and other appearances, see the Events page.

¡Aprende latín divirtiéndote!  Mexico City, Mexico, 18 May

Living Room Latin: Nunc est Ludendum, Burlington, VT, 23 May

Poised for Proficiency, Chicago IL, 13-14 June
Mind, Body, and Voice Skills for Language Teachers

Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills (BICS) Summer Institute, Minneapolis, MN, 17-21 June
JSB: daily teaching demonstrations & debriefs

American Classical League Centennial Institute, New York, NY, 27-29 June
JSB: live interactive podcast in plenary; 2 workshops

Rusticatio Tironum, Charles Town, WV, 2-8 July
JSB: lead instructor

Forming the Whole Reader (Pedagogy Rusticatio), Charles Town, WV, 9-13 July
JSB: lead instructor

International Forum on Language Teaching, St. Petersburg, FL, 15-18 July
JSB: Beginning Track coordinator, instructor, & coach

The Agen Workshop, Agen, France, 22-27 July
JSB: daily teaching demonstrations & debriefs

Poised for Proficiency, White River Junction, VT, 5 August
Mind, Body, and Voice Skills for Language Teachers

Express Fluency, White River Junction, VT, 6-9 August
JSB: workshops & daily teaching demonstrations & debriefs

The Radiant Educator, Winnetka (Chicago), IL, 15-16 August
Practices to sustain your health, energy, and focus all year long — *for teachers of all subjects* (with Faith Laux)

CAELVM conference, Madrid, Spain, 22-28 August
JSB: instructor, invited workshop presenter