March-April Events

For a full list of Justin's scheduled workshops and other appearances, see the Events page.

Comprehensible Online, The Internet, 1 Mar - 30 Apr
JSB: "Mindfulness in the TL: Fostering Peace & Proficiency at the Same Time"

Latin on the Green, Norwich VT, 11 Mar
Tasks & techniques for joy & success in teaching Latin

Vermont Foreign Language Association conference, Quechee VT, 12 Mar
JSB: keynote, 2 featured sessions

Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, Columbus OH, 14-16 Mar
JSB: "Mindfulness in the Target Language"

Living Room Latin 2.0, Boston MA, 27 Mar

Poised for Proficiency, Washington DC, 30-31 Mar
Mind, Body, and Voice Skills for Language Teachers

Latin for Humans: A Multimodal Path to Latin Proficiency, Los Angeles CA (USC), 5-6 Apr

Poised for Proficiency, Santa Monica CA, 7 Apr
Mind, Body, and Voice Skills for Language Teachers

Mitten Latin workshop on teaching Latin literacy, Saline MI, 26 April

Mitten CI conference, Saline MI, 27 April
JSB: "Chill Input" (invited presentation)