1 Like 1 Answer – ‘We Teach Languages’ Edition

Dr. Stacey Margarita Johnson of the We Teach Languages podcast recently kickstarted this fun, instructive, community-building game, “1 Like 1 Answer.” For this post, I thought I would simply share my responses without comment (but with links added!). Feel free to join the discussion in the comments section below or on Twitter, and to let me know if you would like me to flesh out any particular answer in a future blog post!

1 Like 1 Answer intro tweet with Qs

The Likes reached ten before I had finished my third answer and were in the forties by the time I hit question nine, so I had to think and write faster than I expected! If you’re counting along, you may have noticed that there are actually twelve questions, not ten (oops). You can click the screenshot above to see the original thread on Twitter—where I’ve finally added my answers to questions 11 and 12—or just scroll through this post:

1 Like 1 Answer 1 - ideal class size

1 Like 1 Answer 2 - textbook or nah

1 Like 1 Answer 3 - favorite language teaching website

1 Like 1 Answer 4 - how often do you observe

1 Like 1 Answer 5 - what would you buy with 1000 dollars

1 Like 1 Answer 6 - best source of authres

1 Like 1 Answer 7 - homework or nah

1 Like 1 Answer 8 - favorite language teaching conference

1 Like 1 Answer 9 - what aspects of your teaching have changed

1 Like 1 Answer 10 - go-to low-prep activity

See also: my blog posts tagged low-prep and the ZERO PREP Smorgasbord

1 Like 1 Answer 11 - advice for new teachers

1 Like 1 Answer 12 - favorite episode of We Teach Languages

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