ZERO PREP Smorgasbord (#EdMarchSanity 1)

Could you use some ZERO PREP routines and activities during this long month?

Following French teacher Rebecca Blouwolff’s inspiring lead, I’m putting out several posts in March and beyond with simple ideas for peace, balance, joy, and success.

After brainstorming four or five #EdMarchSanity topics, I remembered that this whole blog is basically about learning and teaching happier, not harder. So, this first installment assembles some of my favorite ZERO PREP, repeatable, scalable activities and routines from past posts. This one is for teachers; stay tuned for tips for learners and habits for anyone.


ZERO PREP Activities and Routines

I really mean ZERO: Even tasks that would require no more prep than finding a picture or a quote didn’t make the cut. Pick one that looks good to you and give it a shot! No-prep novelty is one of the best boosters of teacher energy.

Good Idea / Bad Idea

Whiteboard Doublestack

Brain Unbreaks

Choral Translation

Rando Mitem, Your Friend and Mine: using random items to spark conversations

How to Use Your Windows

PlusDelta, a simple tool for daily reflection

9 Ways to Happify Your Class

If you experience joy and success with one of these, let us know in the comments on this or the original post! Also, if you discover a good way to tweak the task, please comment so that we can try your version.

If you have related ideas, consider sharing them on Twitter using hashtag #EdMarchSanity. (I originally proposed #MarchSanity, then realized it was already in widespread use among both basketball fans and anyone trying to direct attention away from March Madness. Noob Note: Always check first to see if a hashtag is already in use and for what!)

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  1. You rock, Justin. Thank you for sharing! I am moving towards more authentic, communicative discourse in my classroom and your ideas are helping with that. The more we genuinely communicate ‘with’ students, instead of teaching ‘at’ them, the better and easier this job gets.

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