Partnering with Express Fluency in August!

Elissa in action

Elissa in action

Elissa McLean of Express Fluency has just announced a set of exciting language-learning and teacher-training programs taking place this August in beautiful Brattleboro, Vermont. Among the options are three featuring yours truly:

  1. A Latin intensive course for anyone who has always wanted to learn Latin or whose past experiences learning Latin didn’t make it stick. This will be quite different from the Latin classes most people picture or have taken! Course description and details
  2. A Latin teacher training course in which participants will see highly effective techniques in action by observing the above intensive course and will also receive direct instruction, practice in the techniques, and coaching. Course description and details
  3. A combo featuring either of the above courses as well as additional courses in Spanish or French and additional teacher training. Options and details

I’m honored and excited to join Elissa, to experience the beauty of southern Vermont, and to make new friends in New England!


A note to Latin teachers: The Latin teacher training course is not intended to replace any of the other excellent options Latin teachers have earlier in the summer, which I endorse and attend as often as possible. Rather, the course (a) provides an option for teachers who have other travel planned for June or July, but are available in August, or who cannot spare a full week, and (b) offers a unique format with the opportunity to observe the featured techniques in action with real Latin learners. I hope to see many of you there!

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