Top Five Posts of 2017

It’s the time of year for Top Somenumber Posts! I’ve enjoyed seeing other bloggers share their top posts of the year. Here are the five posts on that generated the most interaction. As you can see, three of them were reflections on / descriptions of things that happened at Express Fluency 2017. I hope you (re)find something useful!


What Are My Goals? (Teacher Edition)

A sort of manifesto on what makes classroom goals meaningful (6 April 2017)

Slowness and Silence (Express Fluency reflection 1)

Two simple-but-powerful techniques for enhancing TL interaction (15 August 2017)

Whiteboard Doublestack

A no-prep, often humorous way to generate complex sentences for discussion (25 May 2017)

Something from Nothing – VIDEO breakdown (Express Fluency reflection 4)

An annotated video showcasing several teaching techniques from a session in which simple TPR turned into a suspenseful spy hunt (5 September 2017)

Making Lemonade (Express Fluency reflection 2)

Thoughts on and examples of turning would-be distractions into catalysts for language-learning (23 August 2017)


Thanks for being part of a year filled with learning, tweaking, and growing!
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