That Thing You Used to Do (#EdMarchSanity 3)

March is over, but, like March Madness, #EdMarchSanity continues into April!

old PacMan arcade game

something you maybe used to do

A simple way to refresh your classes without needing to learn or do a bunch of new stuff is to dust off a task or routine that you haven’t done in a while. This may seem obvious, but I’m amazed when I think of all the activities, techniques, assignments, and resources that I used to use quite a bit, but somehow stopped using along the way. Often this was not because the old thing didn’t work, but because I was trying to get good at something new and simply forgot the old thing.

What’s a task, routine, activity, assignment, assessment, or resource that was actually pretty effective, but that you haven’t used in a while? If you’re not sure, I bet your students will have some ideas.

Have fun!

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