Latinitas x2

• Are you interested in improving your Latin one-on-one in a pressure-free way from the comfort of your home?

• Are you interested in attending a spoken Latin event, but unsure of when you’ll be able to?

• Are you registering for a SALVI event and want to get to know in advance someone else who will be there?

• Do you already attend spoken Latin programs, but find that your fluency dwindles between events?


SALVI (Septentrionale Americanum Latinitatis Vivae Institutum - North American Institute for Living Latin Studies) and Indwelling Language have teamed up to offer the perfect solution: Latinitas x2, a.k.a. Latinitas Duplicata.

How it works

1.You arrange and participate in a one-on-one Latin conversation with Justin Slocum Bailey using the online platform of your choice (Skype, Google+ Hangouts, FaceTime, Clickmeeting, etc.).

2. Out of the fee—$30 for half an hour or $50 for a full hour—you can designate up to 50% to be used toward tuition at any SALVI immersion event in the succeeding 365 days. Assuming you attend a SALVI immersion event, this means you get one-on-one instruction for only $15 or $25.

3. If the money designated for tuition goes unused for 365 days, it will become a tax-deductible donation to SALVI in your name. You’ll still have received low-cost instruction and you’ll have done a good deed!

You are welcome to complete multiple sessions!  If you have already registered for Rusticatio Tironum 2015 or Rusticatio Veteranorum 2015, you may enroll in up to three sessions of Latinitas x2 retroactively. (Justin will be a faculty member at both events.)

What to expect in your session

• A pleasant conversation tailored to your goals and interests

• Increased confidence and proficiency in Latin

• On request, tips for language learning and teaching customized for your situation



• Getting to know a SALVI instructor personally before you even attend an event (or getting to reconnect with one)

• No pressure!


How to enroll

Simply complete the form at the bottom of this page stating your intention to participate. Justin will follow up to find out more about your goals and interests and to schedule the session. You may use the same form to submit any questions you have about Latinitas x2.

About Justin Slocum Bailey

Here are some comments from people who have worked with Justin. You can find more here and a bio here.

Justin is an extremely talented linguist and communicator. He speaks Latin in a way that is expressive and authentic, full of idiom and careful, deliberate word choice. He also speaks in a way that is inviting to those around him, using his humor, his kindness, and his intuition to engage people in conversations whose purpose is not just to practice a foreign language but also to connect as people.

Anna Andresian, MSt, Educational Software Developer; Author of Looking At Latin; 2011 Awardee, Excellence In Teaching At the Precollegiate Level, American Philological Association

Justin Slocum Bailey is the ultimate educator.  He brings to every one of his pursuits extensive knowledge, curiosity about both language and people, a sense of humor, and an extraordinary ability to connect.  As I strive to improve my own teaching, I try to channel what I have seen in him.  He is thorough, clear, exciting, talented, interesting, and fun.

Jacqui Bloomberg, MA, Latin Teacher and World Language Department Head, Dana Hall School (MA)


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