Sebaldi Heyden Formulae Puerilium Colloquiorum

Sebaldi Heyden Formulae Puerilium Colloquiorum

The poet and musicologist in Sebald Heyden emerges in these twenty-seven dialogues, every line of which (except one) consists of eight or fewer syllables.  But Heyden's boyish cheek is  also apparent: some favorite moments include an early reference to double-dipping (dialogue 16), bickering about "same seats" (dialogue 20), a boy's being taunted for suggesting marbles instead of a jump-off during a free afternoon (dialogue 19), and this deliciously memorable line, delivered to a partner in crime upon the schoolmaster's approaching: "Vae nostris natibus!"--"Woe to our butt-cheeks!" (dialogue 18).

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Sebaldi Heyden Formulae Puerilum Colloquiorum - all files - all 27 audio files, zipped.

1.  Dialogus Primus: Salutatio Matutina (0:30)

2.  Dialogus Secundus: Salutatio Meridiana (0:45)

3.  Dialogus Tertius: Salutatio Vespertina (0:28)

4.  Dialogus Quartus: Sub Primam Facem Noctis (0:31)

5.  Dialogus Quintus: Dum Itur Cubitum (0:40)

6.  Dialogus Sextus: Dum Reditur Cubitu (0:52)

7.  Dialogus Septimus: Dum Itur Ad Scholam (0:55)

8.  Dialogus Octavus: Inter Eundum In Scholam (1:17)

9.  Dialogus Nonus: Inter Discendum In Schola (1:35)

10.  Dialogus Decimus: De Cavendis In Schola Coricaeis (1:01)

11.  Dialogus Undecimus: De Ferula (0:42)

12.  Dialogus Duodecimus: De Ientaculo (0:42)

13.  Dialogus Tertius Decimus: De Reditu A Ientaculo (1:00)

14.  Dialogus Quartus Decimus: De Parando Calamo (1:02)

15.  Dialogus Quintus Decimus: Inter Redeundum A Schola (0:49)

16.  Dialogus Sextus Decimus: Dum Instruitur Mensa (3:09)

17.  Dialogus Septimus Decimus: A Prandio Redeuntium In Scholam (0:55)

18.  Dialogus Duodevicesimus: In Schola Ludentium (1:05)

19.  Dialogus Undevicesimus: De Dimissione A Literis (1:16)

20.  Dialogus Vicesimus: Litigantium De Sessione (0:54)

21.  Dialogus Vicesimus Primus: Invitantium Se Invicem (0:42)

22.  Dialogus Vicesimus Secundus: De Studio Interrogantium (0:37)

23.  Dialogus Vicesimus Tertius: De Absentia A Schola (0:52)

24.  Dialogus Vicesimus Quartus: Mutuo Gratulantium Sibi (0:36)

25.  Dialogus Vicesimus Quintus: Agnoscentium Sese In Ludo (1:10)

26.  Dialogus Vicesimus Sextus: Litigantium De Re Ablata (1:10)

27.  Dialogus Vicesimus Septimus: Prodeuntium In Funus (2:03)