Easy Latin For Sight Reading

Easy Latin For Sight Reading by B. L. D'Ooge

Selections from Ritchie's Fabulae Faciles, Lhomond's Urbis Romae Viri Inlustres, and Gellius's Noctes Atticae, edited and annotated by Benjamin Leonard D'Ooge (1860-1940)

A free ebook including a clickable table of contents and all the selections is available from Google Books here.

These recordings were created and generously contributed by Latinist and teacher Cori Russo, friend of Indwelling Language. Click the orange titles to download the audio files as zip archives.

From Francis Ritchie's Fabulae Faciles

1.  Perseus

2.  Hercules

From Charles François Lhomond's Urbis Romae Viri Inlustres

1.  Marcus Atilius Regulus

2.  Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus

3.  Marcus Porcius Cato

4.  Lucius Aemilius Paulus

From Aulus Gellius's Noctes Atticae

1.  29 Selections from Noctes Atticae