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"These skills feel like the missing link between my previous training and full success in my classroom." ~ I.H.

"You won't find a more dynamic, practical, and informative workshop for your practice as a teacher." ~ B.P.


Extending awareness and control of our minds, bodies, and voices improves everything that teachers do, from planning and implementing instruction to interacting with students, parents, and colleagues. This is all the more true in a class that is all about communication. In fact, how teachers use their voices and bodies has a strong effect on students' progress along the ACTFL proficiency scale, but teachers are often unaware of these effects, much less how to improve them.


So where do we start?


This workshop offers a pressure-free setting for teachers to see and practice mind, body, and voice techniques that foster calmness, focus, comprehension, memory, management, community, and joy among students, as well as teachers’ own health and longevity, reducing the stress that teaching places on body, voice, and mind.


Participants will learn to apply the techniques to numerous procedures for the proficiency-oriented, comprehensible-input-rich classroom, including Personalized Q & A (PQA), PictureTalk, Story-asking, Write & Discuss, Brain Breaks, and a variety of reading tasks. These tasks and techniques promote students' achievement of ACTFL Standards in all three communicative modes: Interpretive (listening & reading), Interpersonal, and Presentational (writing & speaking).


Join Justin to make big strides toward being the most peaceful, poised teacher you can be—for your students and for yourself!

For a taste of some of the techniques, see these posts on using your voice and movement and posture.

All techniques are modifiable based on ability or comfort.


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"I couldn't believe how quickly—immediately—the mind, body, and voice techniques paid off." ~ A.K.

Justin Slocum Bailey is a veteran language, music, and martial arts instructor crazy about helping teachers and learners succeed with less stress and more joy. Drawing on his background in acting, teaching, coaching, martial arts, yoga, and mindfulness, Justin is diving ever deeper into mind-body-&-voice skills that make the work of language teachers more peaceful, effective, and sustainable. Keep an eye out for his forthcoming book and audio resources supporting these practices!

The best professional development workshop I have ever attended.

I loved the interactivity with the teacher and other participants. Justin’s enthusiasm and sense of humor were amazing!

One of the most inspiring teachers, and humans, I've had the pleasure of knowing.

The best thing about this workshop was the safe environment. I didn’t feel intimidated or pressured to convert my entire classroom. We learned very reasonable strategies and activities to use immediately.

I truly didn’t want today to end! This is the type of professional development that teachers crave.

JSB is my new hero. I mean, I really enjoyed watching him work and hearing him speak. He's authentic, intelligent, sincere. The real deal.

The movement! The hacks for staying in flow... So needed!

Justin was great. I like that he is animated, yet low-key. He inspired me to recommit to a focus on communication as the essential task in my classes.

I learned by experience that I really can do this!


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