Poised for Proficiency: Mind, Body, & Voice Skills for Language Teachers workshop in Washington, DC

"If everyone taught language like Justin Slocum Bailey, we would have a world of self-directed polyglots."

Evan Gardner, language revitalization expert and activist, inventor of Where Are Your Keys ~ more testimonials

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Why Mind, Body, and Voice Skills? 

Extending awareness and control of our minds, bodies, and voices boosts the effectiveness of everything that teachers do, from planning and implementing instruction to interacting with students, parents, and colleagues. For this reason, learning key mind, body, and voice skills offers an incredible return on investment: instead of trying to learn a whole new teaching system, teachers can hone what they already do and simultaneously reduce the stress that teaching places on body, voice, and mind. It is amazing how much difference these simple techniques can make. 

Many teachers are intimidated by the idea of using their minds, bodies, and voices in new ways, or simply have no idea where to begin. Drawing on Justin’s background in acting, teaching, coaching, martial arts, and mindfulness, this workshop offers a relaxed setting for teachers to see and practice concrete mind, body, and voice skills that promote calmness, attention, comprehension, memory, management, and community among students, as well as teachers’ own health and longevity. Between hands-on practice of the techniques, low-key dramatic and improvisational games will help participants become more comfortable using their bodies and voices in new ways.

All techniques are modifiable based on ability or comfort, so don’t worry—everyone will come away with practices they can start using immediately!

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