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Low-Prep & No-Prep Strategies for All Levels


POSTPONED to Fall 2020—stay tuned!

Albany, NY


You can serve your students well

and still have a life!


These comprehensible-input-rich strategies help students achieve ACTFL Standards in all communicative modes—interpretive (listening & reading), interpersonal, presentational (writing & speaking)—without your having to prep more. Highlights include...


JSB's Top 10 low-prep tasks

JSB's Top 5 zero-prep solutions

What to do when you have no energy

Techniques for getting more out of any activity


You will learn how to apply the strategies to any level—making for even less prep—and variations that allow the same tasks to be reused regularly with the same class. Even if you have plenty prep time, you will find the strategies to be useful additions to your teaching repertoire. The strategies and techniques can also be used with any curriculum, so you don't have to start from scratch or convince colleagues to change.

The presented strategies are effective for teachers and learners of all languages, including English. Join Justin to make your teaching more joyful, successful, and sustainable! 


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Justin Slocum Bailey is a veteran language, music, and martial arts instructor crazy about helping teachers and learners succeed with less stress and more joy. He speaks and presents all over the world about how teachers can get the most out of their energy and flourish without burning out.

Justin Slocum Bailey is the ultimate educator.

I truly didn’t want today to end! This is the type of professional development that teachers crave.

I loved the interactivity with the teacher and other participants. Justin’s enthusiasm and sense of humor were amazing!

One of the most inspiring teachers, and humans, I've had the pleasure of knowing.

The best thing about this workshop was the safe environment. I didn’t feel intimidated or pressured to convert my entire classroom. We learned very reasonable strategies and activities to use immediately.

JSB is my new hero. I mean, I really enjoyed watching him work and hearing him speak. He's authentic, intelligent, sincere. The real deal.

What I appreciated most was the specific activities I learned, combined with Justin’s willingness to engage with our questions and ideas.

Your energetic demos were awe-inspiring, and your insights into ready-to-implement techniques and the underlying theoretical basis have equipped me to incorporate even more comprehensible input into my classroom regardless of the constraints.

The kind of teacher/presenter I'd like to have a beer with.


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