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Immerse yourself in springtime tranquility while honing your Latin among friends!

Living Room Latin 3.0: Mens Sana in Corpore Sano features an array of time-tested practices to relax and nourish the body and the mind, adapted by Justin Slocum Bailey to Latin-learning-and-teaching.

Whole-group activities and electives led in Latin include breathing and relaxation exercises, nature walks in Sutherland Woods, mindful engagement with Latin texts, yoga, preparation (and consumption!) of healthy food, guided meditation, crafts, dance, journaling, games, and guidance on infusing our lives and classrooms with peace, focus, and joy.

Our day of calm will begin with free parking or, for non-drivers, ridiculously easy access from public transportation! (Street address provided upon registration.)

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$145 ~ includes food & resources
College & grad students: email to introduce yourself and get $30 off!
must be 18 or older to attend

Justin Slocum Bailey is a veteran language, music, and martial arts instructor crazy about helping teachers and learners succeed with less stress and more joy. He is diving ever deeper into mind-body-&-voice skills that make the work of language teachers more peaceful, effective, and sustainable. Look for his book and audio resources supporting these practices later in 2019!

Skye Shirley headshot, circular with soft edgesSkye Shirley, host of Living Room Latin, will be offering yoga and nature walks. Skye is an educator, classicist, poet, and activist who brings Latin to life for students all over the world, regularly teaching and presenting with Polis, Ascanius, UMASS Boston, The Paideia Institute, GrecoLatinoVivo, and the National Center for the Humanities.

"Justin Slocum Bailey is the ultimate educator. He brings to every one of his pursuits extensive knowledge, curiosity about both language and people, a sense of humor, and an extraordinary ability to connect. As I strive to improve my own teaching, I try to channel what I have seen in him. He is thorough, clear, exciting, talented, interesting, and fun."

Jacqui Bloomberg, MA, Latin Teacher and World Language Department Head, Dana Hall School (Wellesley, MA)

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