Living Room Latin 2.0 Nunc est Ludendum, Wednesday March 27, 5-6pm, Newton, MA, $60

Living Room Latin 2.0: Nunc est Ludendum features party games and tabletop games Justin has specially designed or adapted to facilitate your growing proficiency in Latin. Many of the games can also be high-leverage classroom activities. Participants will boost their comfort interacting in Latin, learn how to play several games, learn how to deploy games in instruction, and receive a packet of take-home resources.

Well-chosen games are an excellent way to generate the input and interaction that are central to proficiency a language:

They are fun.

This is good for its own sake, but it also helps move the mind from stress to the moment, which is good for the working memory required for language processing.

They are purposeful.

Play is a real-life activity during which genuine communication takes place. In an educational setting, it provides a context for going beyond exercises and simulations to real interpersonal communication.

They are focused.

The language tends to be formulaic, sometimes even scripted, and concrete. This allows for repeated exposure to and use of forms and syntax that will aid not only in real-time communication, but also in reading.

They are adaptable.

Even in the context of a formulaic game, participants and facilitators can choose to vary the type and volume of language used to suit their own and other players’ needs, allowing the same game to be played at many levels.

They build community.

Learning is fun and worthwhile. Learning with others who share goals or interests is thrilling!



"If everyone taught language like Justin Slocum Bailey, we would have a world of self-directed polyglots."

Evan Gardner, language revitalization expert and activist, inventor of Where Are Your Keys

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