Top Five Posts of 2016

I’ve enjoyed seeing other bloggers catalogue their top posts of the year. Here are the five posts on that generated the most engagement in 2016. There’s lots of variety–activities, reflections, theory, and practice. I hope you (re)find something useful!

Quirky Scripts–an Easy Way to Teach “Hard” Language

A low-prep activity that keeps on giving (01/12/2016)

What Is “Unconscious” Acquisition in the Classroom?

A contribution to a conversation about what it means for acquisition of a language to happen unconsciously in a setting where everyone knows the point is to learn a language (03/24/2016)

Use Can-Do Statements–just not like this

Some thoughts on the role of Can-Do Statements such as those published by ACTFL (04/06/2016)

What I Learned from My Worst Evaluation Ever

How I tried to live out a growth mindset (08/04/2016)

Riding the White Elephant toward Proficiency Palace

Another low-prep, scalable activity for any time of year (08/17/2016)


Thanks for being part of a year filled with learning, tweaking, and growing!
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