Throwback ThurSLAy (video)

You read the title right: The latest episode of the Musicuentos Black Box Podcast has just been published, and it features not one, but FIVE, classic articles from the field of second language acquisition (SLA) that still influence current research and practice in language education. We hope you find the video, which you can watch below, useful both for boosting your understanding of the context of SLA research and for fostering reflection on your teaching and learning practices.

Articles featured:

“Communicative Competence: Theory and Classroom Practice” (Sandra J. Savignon, 1973) – BlackBox presenter: Albert Fernandez

“The Significance of Learners’ Errors” (S. Put Corder, 1967) – BlackBox presenter: Justin Slocum Bailey

“Interlanguage” (Larry Selinker, 1972) – BlackBox presenter: Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell

“Exploring Relationships between Developmental and Instructional Sequences in L2 Acquisition” (Patsy Lightbown, 1983) – BlackBox presenter: Elliott Goodman

“Acquisition in the Natural Approach: The Binding/Access Framework” (Tracy Terrell, 1986) – BlackBox presenter: Karren Tharrington

Special thanks to Albert Fernandez, who did heroic work creating the visuals for this jam-packed episode!

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