Teaching Latin to Humans

Twofer! Announcing…
  1. “Teaching Latin to Humans,” an article just published in Eidolon, and
  2. LIMEN, a Latin teaching portal here at indwellinglanguage.com

Whether or not you are learning or teaching Latin, it’s likely that you have a reason to view or share these:

1. “Teaching Latin to Humans: How to Honor both the Language and the Learner” diagnoses the most widespread problem in Latin learning and suggests an exciting way forward.

Before the end of the day on which it was published, it had been described as

  • “a must-read for anyone who teaches or loves languages.”
  • “the most brilliant articulation of this pedagogical revolution we’re all working on that I’ve ever seen.”
  • “an incredibly important article for why it is so vital to teach any language in a comprehensible and engaging manner.”
  • “a timely counterpoint to the recent NY Times article [this opinion piece which sadly misdiagnoses the difficulties of teaching and learning highly inflected languages].”
  • “the blueprint for the pedagogical revolution that is going on in Classics right now.”
  • “required reading for all who teach or will teach.”

If you have a colleague, friend, administrator, or distant relative interested in how languages–ancient or modern–can be learned, this article is for them!


2. LIMEN, a Latin teaching portal is for teachers and learners who want to take seriously what we know about language and the brain.

LIMEN (read about the name here) orients visitors to the many resources out there for boosting joy and success on the Latin journey. It is arranged by

  • Theory of second language acquisition applied to Latin,
  • Practices that take the theory into account,
  • Materials supporting the practices, and
  • Resources for improving one’s teaching and one’s Latin.

LIMEN is a living thing; there’s still much to add and organize. Suggestions for making the content or format more helpful are most welcome.

If you know someone who might benefit from LIMEN, share away!

See also: the Latin Media page and the Latin Listening Project.

Limen - a Latin teaching portal

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