Summer 2016 Preview

What I enjoy most in the summer is lolling lakeside with my family. But learning with friends old and new at the many summer programs for language teachers or learners is up there. While some have already happened–last week’s ACL Institute was one for the ages–I thought I’d share here some things I’m excited to be part of this summer.

You can read details on events below, but perhaps my biggest undertaking this summer is the Quomodo Dicitur? Podcast–the first all-Latin podcast (other than some short internet news shows) that I know of. We knew there was a demand for such a show because we launched it in response to clamor on social media for a Latin podcast, but the interaction with a surprisingly large community of listeners around the world has been really invigorating. Even if you don’t speak Latin, you might get a kick out of this video, which is a teaser for next Monday’s Episode 5, in which we continue our review of the trailer of the remake of Ben-Hur:


Normally I would spend much of July at the Claymont Estate near Washington, DC, helping retreaters experience the joy of life lived in Latin. This is my first summer off in several years, which allows me to be at…


The International Forum on Language Teaching (iFLT), July 19-22

I’ll be giving a workshop in the “experienced” track as well as coaching other teachers while they practice the techniques they learn throughout the week. Here’s the official workshop description:

CI in Flow

Come learn how to customize not only content, but also your delivery of input in order to maximize comprehension and buy-in while minimizing stress—your students’ and your own! Experience an array of flexible techniques that teachers and students can use to tweak the flow of input (pace, content, repetitions, and more) in real time to enhance any Comprehensible-Input-filled situation, whether classic Storyasking, PQA, MovieTalk, or reading, and see how to exploit any situation for compelling CI on a moment’s notice.


National Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling® Conference (NTPRS), July 25-29

I’ll be presenting two sessions:

Beyond Target Structures: The Fun and the Fruits of Non-Targeted CI

At NTPRS 2015, Stephen Krashen renewed his call for TPRS teachers to explore what he calls Non-Targeted Comprehensible Input. This session illuminates the power of moving beyond daily target structures, engages participants in a series of fun sample lessons, and offers several concrete, TPRS-based guidelines for planning compelling lessons and curriculum.

Comprehension to the MAX | Community for the WIN

What if teachers didn’t just check for comprehension, but actually gave students the tools to make input they encounter more comprehensible—in real time? Come learn how to empower classroom communities to maximize the fun and efficiency of CI through a large collection of simple, flexible mini-techniques that support TPRS.


Express Fluency, August 11-12

I’ll be teaching a community Latin course for anyone who’s interested and providing training and coaching for Latin teachers from around the United States. Elissa McLean, owner of Express Fluency, and I hit it off at NTPRS 2015, and I’m excited for this first opportunity to work with her!


Some of these programs are still accepting registrations–consider attending, even on short notice! And feel free to ask about anything mentioned in the above descriptions.
What are you up to this summer?
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