Share Your Greatest JOY and SUCCESS

Jumping for Joy hilltopWhen have you experienced your greatest JOY or SUCCESS as a language learner or teacher? Were these at the same moment?–in other words, were your joy and success linked?

As the purpose of Indwelling Language is to help learners and teachers maximize their joy and success, we’re always eager to hear about experiences that link these two.

Consider sharing your experience in the Comments section below, on your own blog, in a language-related email group, or on your social media account(s). It could be a short, simple, statement like “when I first heard the song ‘Feliz Navidad’ and actually understood the Spanish part!” or a longer, more descriptive or reflective post. It could be a captioned picture that evokes the memory of joy and success. Let’s use the hastag #joysuccess to share!

While you’re at it, why not spread the joy by sharing your answer with your own students or teacher?

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  1. I started chapter 5 of Harrius Potter today! I used to struggle with the first paragraph and then put the book away for a few more months. Finally, I quit being afraid of consulting the English when necessary, and I read Commetarii de Inepto Puero. After that success I tried HP again – and this time I read the whole first page before I needed to go back and double check comprehension. Now I’m reading two-page spreads before double checking myself with the English. I understand more and more every day, and I can read faster and easier. Woo-Hoo!!

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