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I work with learners of Spanish, Latin, German, French, and English in sessions focused on conversation or reading. It's easy to book a session with the online scheduler here.

"Justin is an extremely talented linguist and communicator. He speaks in a way that is inviting to those around him, using his humor, his kindness, and his intuition to engage people in conversations whose purpose is not just to practice a foreign language but also to connect as people."

"Working with Justin has not only created in me a love for language and for learning, but also led me to form high expectations for language learning, coursework in other fields, and life in general."

Justin Slocum Bailey videoconference Indwelling Language

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Working with a seasoned teacher can help both veterans and pre-service teachers develop ideas and confidence. You can book a session with the online scheduler here.

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I create, translate, edit, and evaluate materials for language learners and teachers. I do this mostly for Spanish, Latin, German, French, and English materials, as well as non-language-specific resources. You can commission me to create something or hire me to help on your project!

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I got to see things I can ACTUALLY use in my classroom! Learning how to create these tasks and texts step-by-step was huge.

I loved the interactivity with the teacher and other participants. Justin’s enthusiasm and sense of humor were amazing!

One of the most inspiring teachers, and humans, I've had the pleasure of knowing.

JSB is my new hero. I mean, I really enjoyed watching him work and hearing him speak. He's authentic, intelligent, sincere. The real deal.

The best professional development workshop I have ever attended.

Justin's ease with students is pure magic.

Whenever I face a pedagogical decision, however big or small, I ask myself, "What would Justin do?"

Holy gifted batman! Justin's command of a classroom is amazing. Not only did I understand and learn Latin as an observer, but I learned a great deal about classroom management as well.

The movement! The hacks for staying in flow... So needed!

Justin Slocum Bailey is the ultimate educator.

The kind of teacher/presenter I'd like to have a beer with.

I learned by experience that I really can do this!