New Calming Audio in Simple Spanish and Latin

My sleep and general well-being have benefited from guided meditation and other calming audio in several languages for quite some time. I quickly came to find it also incredibly useful for language learning and teaching, for a whole lot of reasons.

This week I released samples of calming audio in simple Spanish (recorded with Abigail López in Mexico City) and Latin. I say samples because they preview a large-scale project I am working on that combines language learning with the overall pursuit of well-being. I hope to be able to announce more about the project soon!

For now, I hope you enjoy one or both of these recordings and that they offer you and/or your students some welcome calm. (If you are not a learner/speaker/teacher of either Spanish or Latin, please consider sharing with your contacts who are.)

The recordings are designed with learners in mind. Some of them are simpler than these samples, some more complex. Ultimately, the idea is to have a vast collection at all levels, in many languages. Again, more on that to come! The full text of each recording can be found in the video description on YouTube.

If you find this kind of thing—or anything else I do—helpful and want there to be more of it, consider making a contribution at my Ko-fi page. Every little bit helps, especially during this season when several months of my regular work have been canceled.

Happy listening!

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