Tasks & Techniques


Joyful Latin Literacy


an Indwelling Language workshop


In this hands-on workshop, participants will experience a strategic sequence of learning tasks that build Latin literacy, culminating in reading and analyzing the poetry of Sulpicia. Among the tasks are Personalized Q & A (PQA), PictureTalk, class polls, Brain ‘Unbreaks,’ Write & Discuss, and a variety of reading tasks and assessments.


Participants will learn to combine the tasks into a series of lessons on any textbook chapter, novella, or other literary text, or as standalone activities for any phase in students’ path to Latin proficiency. Several of the demonstrations will also give participants the chance to hear simple Latin spoken, boosting their own comfort using the language with their students.





Saturday, March 14, 2020

9:30am - 3:30pm





University of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA






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Justin Slocum Bailey is a veteran language, music, and martial arts instructor crazy about helping teachers and learners succeed with less stress and more joy. Justin has published several articles on language pedagogy and contributed to commercial materials for both modern and classical languages, but especially enjoys supporting Latin learners and instructors through endeavors such as the Latin Listening Project, the Quomodo Dicitur? podcast, and LIMEN: A Latin Teaching Portal.

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I loved the interactivity with the teacher and other participants. Justin’s enthusiasm and sense of humor were amazing!

I got to see things I can ACTUALLY use in my classroom! Learning how to create these tasks and texts step-by-step was huge, as were the take-home resources.

One of the most inspiring teachers, and humans, I've had the pleasure of knowing.

I truly didn’t want today to end! This is the type of professional development that teachers crave.

The best thing about this workshop was the safe environment. I didn’t feel intimidated or pressured to convert my entire classroom. We learned very reasonable strategies and activities to use immediately.

I loved the balance between activities for first and second year students and ideas for teaching advanced texts and content.

An amazing experience.

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