Low-Tech, Low-Prep Success with Zoom—new mini-course!

Having heard from lots of people with both thanks and follow-up questions on various presentations I’ve done about using Zoom as a teacher, I decided to make a little course in 10 bite-sized modules—under 10 minutes each—to share my experience and tips for getting a ton out of Zoom without needing to learn any other new tech.

Some of the topics covered:

  • how to repurpose basic Zoom features for class routines and community-building
  • next-level Zoom moves with lesser-known features
  • which physical classroom practices to bring straight to Zoom and which ones to leave behind
  • virtual backgrounds—not just how to make and display them, but how to use them thoughtfully for improved interaction
  • how to videos using only Zoom that look well edited, without doing any actual video editing
Modules were released every day from Thursday, August 20, to Saturday, August 29, but the program is asynchronous and participants will continue to have access to the modules and supplements for as long as they want.

Yes, that is a whole new site…

…to which I’m adding lots of courses and other content, mostly created by me, but also some by other teachers whom you’ll be thrilled to learn from—more info to come!

Not teaching on Zoom?

Many teachers have taken the course even though they don’t teach on Zoom and reported that they find it more than worth it anyway, partly because much of the content applies on other platforms too and partly because of the simple guidance I share about how to make simple-yet-slick videos with Zoom.
Note: These modules are not just for language teachers, so go ahead and invite your colleagues—maybe even tell your admin! But for us language teachers, I am planning on making some supplementary sections that I will add in free.
I hope you’ll join me or tell a friend!
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    • Hi, Raymond, I would say there is about 50% overlap, and the course also includes two modules on using Zoom to make videos even if you are not using Zoom for class meetings. I can say that many teachers, including some whose testimonials are on the course registration page, decided to take the course even though they use Google Meet and reported that it was well worth it. Hope this helps!

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