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Pancake smiley lowprep noprepI love lessons and activities that yield high payoff with little or no preparation. I like them even better if they are easily scaled or repeated. As the school year draws to a close, I’ve been seeing lots of requests for such activities, which are, of course, useful not just at year’s end, but all the time. So I’ve created a new tag for this blog’s posts: low prep. I have really high (low?) standards for what constitutes low prep, so there are activities I’ve chosen not to tag this way even though they might be low prep by someone else’s standards. If something’s tagged low prep here, you can be sure it is!

You can see all the posts tagged low prep by clicking here or near the bottom of the sidebar.

Besides just being handy, these low prep activities free you up generally to spend less time planning lessons and more time preparing yourself as a teacher and a person. I wrote about the crucial difference here.

Enjoy, and check back often for more low prep lessons!
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  1. Hi Justin,
    I came across your site and recognize you from last year MIWLA . Im glad to see your material very creative . Thanks

    Zoraya Cunat

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