Latin Video

In addition to the videos below, check out the Latin Listening Project, a collaborative effort to publish videos by a variety of speakers answering questions about their lives in Latin.

Pliny's "Haunted House" (Letter 7.27)

How To Make Food out of a Towel

quomodo-dicitur-podcast-qdp-logo-greenQuomodo Dicitur?

Check out the Quomodo Dicitur? Podcast preview and bonus videos on its YouTube channel.


Among Latinitium's sweet features are its YouTube channel with high-quality animated videos in Latin.


Monumenta Litterarum

The Collegium Latinitatis in Valencia, Spain, has a YouTube series called Monumenta Litterarum, in which members of the Collegium teach famous Latin passages. The videos have Latin subtitles. Two samples:

Georgius de Horatio

Aloysia de Cicerone

"Magistra Certe"

Here is a sample of Magistra's several simple Latin videos on YouTube, some taken at Roman sites.

From the Paideia Media channel on YouTube:

Milena Minkova, "De 'sui' et 'alieni' in litteris Latinis recentioribus"

Patricius Owens, "De verborum delectu"

Andreas Fritsch, "De Soloni itineribus fabulosis et quibusdam sententiis eius"

Annula Llewellyn, "De Aenea in America"

Justin Slocum Bailey, "De Robinsone Crusoe Latino"

(Iustus) Justin Slocum Bailey, "De iucunditate et utilitate A. Gellii Noctium Atticarum"

Terentius Tunberg, "Verba vetusta, res novae"

Iacobus Dobreff, "De Daniele Rolandro eiusque itinere in Surinamiam"

Msgr Daniel Gallagher, "Iter ad Mertem"