Welcome to the temporary home of the Latin Listening Project!

Here you can find the videos that have been published so far. See the official description of the Project for background and a list of future features. If you have suggestions or would like to participate, please let us know using the Contact Form!

You can scroll through all the videos or click on a name in the list below to jump to videos featuring that speaker. For most of the videos, you can turn Latin subtitles on or off using the CC button near the lower right of each video and, unless you're on a mobile device, adjust the tempo using the gear button and the dropdown menu labeled "Speed."

See also the Latin Audio and Latin Video sections on this site.

Speakers (# of videos)

Caelia (1)

Catharina (4)

Iason (6)

Ioannes Iuvenalis (returning soon!)

Iustus (15)

Stephanus (1)