Latin Audio

Latin audio recordings for download or on-site listening

Live in Latin by listening to these recordings at home or on the go! Recordings are by Justin Slocum Bailey or Cori Russo (whose impressive Musaeolum features a host of other recordings!), of works in the public domain or original works.  Many more are planned; you may also use the Contact Form to request new recordings of a work that is in the public domain. Accompanying texts are provided for download when possible.

quomodo-dicitur-podcast-qdp-logo-greenSome recordings use Restored Classical Pronunciation ("C"), some Ecclesiastical Pronunciation ("E"); some are available in both ("C, E").  Click the pictures to access the recordings.

Also check out the Latin Listening Project, a collaborative effort to publish videos by a variety of speakers answering questions about their lives in Latin, and the Quomodo Dicitur? Podcast hosted by Gus Grissom, Catherine Reed, and Justin Slocum Bailey. (See below for other new Latin podcasts!)

Mille Fabulae et Una

Horse and Wolf1001 fables collected and edited by the inestimable Laura Gibbs. (C, E)

Nepotis Vitae

cornelius-nepos-headshotCornelius Nepos's biographies of numerous illustrious generals, read by Cori Russo. (C)

Sebaldi Heyden Formulae

Schoolboys QuarrelingSchoolboys banter rhythmically in these dialogues by German musicologist, poet, and teacher Sebald Heyden. (C)

Fabula Persei

Perseus and Medusa FlorencePerseus faces several monsters, including his own grandfather, in this retelling from Francis Ritchie's Fabulae Faciles. (C)

Senecae Epistulae Morales

Seneca MinorThe Mr. Miyagi of the mind waxes on about how to live the good life in these letters to his protégé Lucilius. (C)

Easy Latin For Sight Reading

Scipio Africanus - Tiepolo 150x150Mythology, history, and miscellania from Benjamin D'Ooge's anthology for secondary schools, read by Cori Russo. (C)

A First Latin Reader

Revolutionary WarAmerican history and Roman prose selections from H. C. Nutting's reader, read by Cori Russo. (C)

The delightful and erudite Daniel Pettersson issues podcasts and animated videos in exquisite Latin about a variety of subjects.







Sermones Raedarii

Alexander Veronensis spends his commute gleefully and insightfully discussing (in Latin) issues related to teaching Latin and Greek.