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Latin Text

Erasmus_hieronymus for Latin Text page

Original Latin stories as well as texts in the public domain.

Latin Audio

Hoodie and Headphones for Latin Audio page

Downloadable recordings of original stories and works in the public domain.

Latin Video

Camera Closeup for Latin Video page

Original footage with Latin dialogue or narration.

Why have a special Latin section on this site?

We take seriously the need for easy access to a large body of compelling material in various media and at a wide range of difficulty levels. Although there is a massive amount of Latin texts from the last 2300 years, many Latinists are unaware of most of them, and it is difficult to find Latin audio and video, even though these can go a long way in helping people live in Latin and Latin live in them. Media will be added here regularly, so check back often or subscribe in the sidebar or footer to be notified of new uploads.

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Justin is an extremely talented linguist and communicator. He speaks Latin in a way that is expressive and authentic, full of idiom and careful, deliberate word choice. He also speaks in a way that is inviting to those around him, using his humor, his kindness, and his intuition to engage people in conversations whose purpose is not just to practice a foreign language but also to connect as people.

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