Latin Listening Project launched!

What is the Latin Listening Project?

The Latin Listening Project (LLP) is a collaborative effort to publish a wide variety of short videos of different speakers responding in Latin to questions about their lives.

The Latin Listening Project is currently coordinated and curated by Indwelling Language’s Justin Slocum Bailey, but it is a free, crowd-sourced endeavor that relies on wide participation for its success.

Here is a sample video based on the question Esne peritus saltandi? (“Are you good at dancing?”). You can turn Latin subtitles on or off using the CC button near the lower right and, unless you’re on a mobile device, adjust the tempo using the gear button and the dropdown menu labeled “Speed.”


There are many ways for learners of modern languages to consume content in the target language: websites, videos, songs, books, travel, social media, and more.

Learners of Latin, especially novice and intermediate learners, are faced with the problem that much of the Latin content out there is difficult to access or understand. It’s especially hard to find resources well suited to building proficiency in any of the communicative modes other than Interpretive Reading. This is unfortunate, both because many learners of Latin want to build proficiency in other modes and because building proficiency in other modes contributes a great deal to proficiency in reading.

The Latin Listening Project allows learners and teachers to find interesting, level-appropriate video and audio content for themselves or their students.

Benefits for users

1. Getting lots of idiomatically sound input at a desired level
2. Getting to hear lots of speakers with different voices and accents
3. Getting a feel for what a target proficiency level might sound like
4. Getting to hear what Latin speech about a particular topic sounds like

The kinds of questions used in the Latin Listening Project are handy conversation starters, and there is a host of ways the content can be used for in-class or at-home activities.

Hoped-for features

1. Videos tagged and searchable according to the ACTFL Performance Indicators
2. Videos tagged and searchable according to topic
3. Videos tagged and searchable according to pronunciation system
4. Videos of several responses to each prompt
5. Optional comprehension/discussion questions about each video
6. Downloadable audio
7. Discussion forum
8. Ability to commission a video at a specific level about a specific topic
9. Additional video categories, such as a Latin Interview Series

Realization of all these features, on a domain proper to the Latin Listening Project, will likely require outside funding.

What part can you play?

1. Spread the word about the Project
2. Watch and share videos as they are released
3. Offer constructive feedback about the Project
4. Contribute one or more videos
5. Contribute your technical skills, e.g., web design
6. Enlist–or become!–a wealthy benefactor of the Project

To make any inquiries about the Latin Listening Project or to offer your support, please use the Contact Form. Here’s a to a joyful, successful Project!


Check out another video from the Latin Listening Project, on the prompt Ubi adolevisti? / Ubi educatus es? (“Where did you grow up? / Where were you raised?”)  This one features Ecclesiastical Pronunciation.

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  1. Pulcherrima opus et consilium vestrum mihi videntur, attamen cur nulla femeninam vocem adhuc audivi miror. Num timidae sunt?

    • Gaudeo opus susceptum tibi placere! Sunt sat multi qui polliciti sunt se pelliculam oblaturos, inter quos et nonnullae feminae. Spero plurimas pelliculas quibus exhibeantur voces et marum et feminarum mox spectari posse!

  2. Just saw how to make a chicken dinner out of a towel — hilarious! Conor latine dicere, terra ultima, iter frustrum – video magna cum gratia accipio!

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