Living Room Latin invites you to sample the activities and techniques that most excite Justin's imagination these days, in the comfort of a Boston loft.

I. Laeta Volubilitas  Engage in joyful Latin conversation with a variety of prompts and in a variety of formats. You don't need to be comfortable speaking Latin already  - we'll help you get comfortable! 

II. Ars et artificia  Learn a suite of skills - some wacky, some mind-bending, some life-saving - that also happen to help people's Latin.

III. Auditio Tranquilla  What if you could relax after a stressful day and get better at Latin at the same time? What if you could build times of mindful calm into your classes while maintaining Latin input? You'll want to try this.

IV. Cena Vindobonensis  Viennese-style crepes, both sweet and savory, made for you by JSB. What more could you want? Maybe to learn how to make them yourself, stoking your Latin all the while.


"If everyone taught language like Justin Slocum Bailey, we would have a world of self-directed polyglots."

Evan Gardner, language revitalization expert and activist, inventor of Where Are Your Keys

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