Fabula Persei

Perseus faces several monsters, including his own grandfather, in this retelling from Francis Ritchie's Fabulae Faciles.

A pdf of Fabulae Faciles with Geoffrey Steadman's notes is available on Dr Steadman's website.  Justin Slocum Bailey's embedded versions of the chapters are available on request.

Click the orange titles to download the audio files or use the built-in player to listen without leaving this page.

A note on titles: Francis Ritchie included only English titles in his edition; the Latin titles below are Justin Slocum Bailey's suggestions.


Fabula Persei - all files - all 11 audio files, zipped.

Perseus 1. The Ark - Arca (1:04)

Perseus 2. Jupiter Saves His Son - Iuppiter Filium Servat (1:05)

Perseus 3. Perseus Is Sent On His Travels - Perseus Ad Itinerandum Dimittitur (1:04)

Perseus 4. Perseus Gets His Outfit - Perseus Armis Donatur (1:22)

Perseus 5. The Gorgon's Head - Caput Gorgonis (1:10)

Perseus 6. The Sea-Serpent - Belua (1:17)

Perseus 7. A Human Sacrifice - Sacrificium Humanum (1:16)

Perseus 8. The Rescue - Virgini Subvenitur (1:11)

Perseus 9. The Reward Of Valor - Praemium Virtutis (1:22)

Perseus 10. Polydectes Is Turned To Stone - Polydectes In Saxum Vertitur (1:13)

Perseus 11. The Oracle Fulfilled - Oraculum Completur (1:20)