Grammar Is Not a Skill, or, What Does It Really Mean to Know a Language?

I’m thrilled to share my first contribution to the reinvented Musicuentos Black Box Podcast, a collection of resources created to form a bridge between Second Language Acquisition research and everyday practice. We hope that, whether you are a teacher or a learner, this new video series will provide you with both information and inspiration!

This episode, the second in the series, considers what it really means to know a language, through the lens of an article by Bill VanPatten called “The Two Faces of SLA: Mental Representation and Skill.” Watch this episode to make sure that, if you are a teacher, you are providing what your students need, or, if you are a learner, you are getting what you need! (Hint: It’s not ‘practice.’)

The Musicuentos Black Box Podcast is co-sponsored by and Indwelling Language.

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